Dragon Ball already has the perfect way to Fix Yamchi’s Power level


Thanks to the anime story “Tournament of Power”, the Dragon Pearl franchise already has the perfect way to redeem Yamcha. Widely known as one of the weakest heroes of Dragon Ball, Yamcha has been in dire need of an arch of redemption for many years. However, there was no indication that the anime has any plans to make it relevant again.

In Dragon Ball Z, it was shown that Yamcha is not inferior to other human Z-warriors. Although he failed to influence any of the main battles of the show, Yamchi had some impressive moments in the filler episodes, for example, when he defeated Rekume and Oliba. On the other hand, Dragon Ball Super has done much less with its character. And when Yamcha finally got his own episode in the spotlight, a lot of jokes were made about him. Worst of all, Yamcha was excluded from all actions. Characters such as Tien, Master Roshi and Krillin could participate in the battle with the Frisian army and in the Tournament of Strength, but Yamcha stayed at home for both battles. His exclusion gave the impression that he was too weak to help.

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While reducing Yamchi’s presence in the anime seems like a bad omen for his future, Dragon Ball Super’s mistreatment of him could actually be used to save his reputation in the next anime. Yamchi’s side story during the preparation for the Power Tournament revealed that he secretly expected to be invited to join Goku’s team. But when it became clear that there would be no invitation, Yamcha was disappointed. When the Desert Bandit returns, it can be explained that Yamchi’s frustration with Goku’s dismissive attitude prompted him to resume his studies. Annoyed that his allies ignore and disrespect him in Dragon Ball Super, Yamcha can go prove his worth.

If a fire breaks out under Yamcha due to the lack of Tournament Strength, this can be used to raise the level of his strength to a new height in the future anime. Besides, Goku’s decision to influence Yamcha in this way would make sense. Obviously, a person has a limit to what he can achieve, but if he works hard enough, he has the potential to catch up (and possibly surpass) Tien and Krillina. To achieve this, Yamcha could train alone in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber or fight Goku or one of the other Z warriors.

The extent to which Yamcha was able to advance during training on King Kai’s planet and when he returned to form at the end of the Buu saga is indicative of the achievements he could achieve. And considering how far behind anime has allowed Yamcha to fall in recent years, it’s high time the Dragon Pearl gave Yamcha a reason to put on her orange gi again and train like never before. If this happens, Yamcha can show his fellow Z-Warriors that Goku made a mistake by not choosing him for his Tournament of Power team.