Dragon Ball: 10 Marvel heroes Goku could face


Known as one of the strongest heroes in the history of anime, Goku has always possessed an impressive strength since the beginning of his trajectory in Dragon Ball. Protagonist of one of the most beloved franchises by Brazilians, the Saiyan warrior survived unbelievable battles and always faced villains of the highest rank.

But what would happen if our dear Kakarotto were part of the Marvel Universe? Who would be able to fight him in a confrontation by measuring forces? With that in mind, Minha Série prepared a list of 10 heroes capable of challenging the character created by Akira Toriyama.

10. Shang-Chi

Even though he was a mere mortal, Shang-Chi’s skills as a Kung Fu Master could put him in position for a hand-to-hand fight with Goku. It is also worth remembering that the god of war, Ares, came to emphasize in one of the comics that the superhero is one of the few men capable of overthrowing a deity.

So, do you have a chance?

9. Hulk

When it comes to brute force, the Incredible Hulk is the biggest attraction in the Marvel Universe. While scientist Bruce Banner remains absent from the body, the green giant adopts destructive power at the highest level.

In the “Destroyer of Worlds” version, the Marvel hero adds his incredible strength with a great strategist capacity, making him an even more difficult opponent to be fought.

8. Gladiator

Constantly compared to Superman because of his looks and abilities, the Gladiator would be one of the first Marvel heroes to have a fair fight with Son Goku.

However, despite having a huge range of powers, the hero of American comic stories has serious confidence problems, which even resulted in his defeat for the X-Men Missile.

7. Hyperion

Like the Gladiator, Hyperion is a Marvel hero with characteristics very similar to the great protagonist of Dragon Ball. Except that his strength is only limited by the creative ability of the writers.

Thus, with such potential in hand, it is possible that this battle would work for the Saiyan.

6. Phoenix Force

Few characters in the Marvel Universe are as strong as Jean Gray during the Omega Level, Phoenix Force. In addition to her telepathic and telekinetic powers, the Death and Renaissance entity has the ability to easily destroy planets.

Therefore, it is possible that Goku had to concentrate huge amounts of ki to face it!

5. Blue Marvel

The hero Blue Marvel is the greatest combination of powers and brilliant scientific mind in the entire Marvel Universe. In addition to his incredible strength and ability to fly, this character has the ability to molecularly manipulate.

With all his skill set, Blue Marvel could produce rays with enough power to face a Kamehameha head on.

4. Thor

What better than a Nordic god to face an alien from Planet Vegeta? A man worthy of his abilities, Thor is definitely one of Marvel’s strongest heroes and capable of challenging very powerful rivals from all galaxies.

With the ability to manipulate lightning and thunder through his Mjolnir warhammer, Odin’s son was already powerful enough to take down the Phoenix Force once and would accept to battle Goku without batting an eye.

3. Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer’s cosmic powers might present Goku with a challenge that no other hero on this list would be able to offer. Being able to travel through time and survive the most inhospitable places, such as the vacuum of space, the surfer is a more than qualified opponent.

2. New

Nova falls into the category of one of Marvel’s most underrated heroes. Through its ability to access the history, techniques and powers of hundreds of members of the Tropa Nova intergalactic police, its range of strategies only increases.

In addition, Nova is able to manipulate energy and also absorb it, which means he could withstand several of Goku’s strongest blows.

1. Captain Marvel

The potential presented within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) is only a percentage of Captain Marvel’s true power. There are those who believe that the superheroine owns all the resources necessary to defeat basically the entire cast of Dragon Ball.

In her “binary form”, Carol Denvers manages to generate energy levels so great that she can resurrect the sunlight.


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