Dragon Age: Inquisition — What Tarot Cards Say about the Iron Bull


Dragon Age: Inquisition differs from other games in the series in that characters are assigned Tarot cards. The Tarot deck itself was part of the collector’s edition, but the images could be seen on the pages of the game code or when choosing companions for a walk. Tarot cards are not only beautiful, but also informative.

Tarot can tell a lot about a person, from his motives to his future. The cards can also be turned over and get a completely different value. For Dragon Age companions like Iron Bull, the cards reveal more than players can imagine when they first meet him. He has four cards in total, by default, one for if the Chargers are saved in his personal quest, one when they are sacrificed in his personal quest, and one for his novel.

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Standard Iron Bull Card

The default card of the Iron Bull is actually a card that people usually try to avoid, the senior arcana, the Devil. It is associated with Saturn and the earth element and represents fear, enslavement, limitations and materialism. This card means that the Iron Bull really poses a possible threat to the Inquisition, since he is Ben Hasrat. However, it may change. On the contrary, the Devil means freedom from chains and getting rid of addictions.

Based on his possible betrayal in Trespasser, this card is a warning to the players. Although the Iron Bull may seem calm and honest, it is associated with an impending threat. Eventually, the Kunari invade with plans to indoctrinate and kill others in their path. With the Devil’s lasso, the Iron Bull is on the verge of becoming part of this invasion or rejecting it, depending on which way the card is facing.

The card is received if the chargers are saved

The Iron Bull receives the Wheel of Fortune card after his personal quest is completed, and the Inquisitor has decided not to sacrifice his Steeds. Although the map looks negative, its value is positive. This is a lucky card representing the changes and destiny that exist outside the influence of the Iron Bull. At first, the Iron Bull is in contradiction, which represents the card in an inverted form, which can mean unforeseen failure and disappointment. Although in the long run it’s for the best.

The Wheel of Fortune is associated with Jupiter and the element of fire. Due to the fact that his card is linked to the earth element by default, Iron Bull feels out of his element with his card. However, fire also means ambition. What burns down can make room for something new or even better. It is also worth noting that the card that comes after the Wheel of Fortune is Justice, which means justice.

The card received if chargers are sacrificed

If the Bulls are sacrificed, the Iron Bull receives a card of minor arcana, 10 Swords. Although it may seem festive by design, 10 Swords is known as a negative Tarot card. It means crisis, betrayal and a painful end. This map may actually be the biggest hint of Iron Bull’s betrayal in the Alien DLC.

In its suit, 10 is the number signifying completion. Sacrificing the Chargers, Iron Bull decided to go all-in with the Kunari and their invasion. The sword suit deals with the mind and intelligence, showing that what is happening will be the result of the Iron Bull’s own mind choice. Violence in the meaning of the card can mean both the attack of the Iron Bull on the Inquisitor, and his own downfall. Swords are also associated with the element of air, showing that the Bull may have lost his footing in what is dear and true to him.

Romantic card of the Iron Bull

Romantic Iron Bull Card — 10 coins. A coin suit is a suit of material associated with the earth element. Since he has the same element as his default card, it shows that Iron Bull is in his element when he has an affair with the Inquisitor. There is a comfort zone in their relationship. 10 coins means wealth, family and long-term success. It is a symbol of how the Inquisitor and the Iron Bull can enrich each other’s lives and become a family at a time when family may be lacking.

Once again: 10 is the completion number. This can literally mean that the Iron Bull and the Inquisitor make each other feel complete. The fact that the card is connected to the material world may also mean that their attraction to each other is quite physical.

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