Dragon Age: Inquisition — What Tarot Cards Say about Cassandra


Dragon Age: Inquisition is known for the fact that Tarot cards are used to designate various characters. For companion characters, these cards may change depending on the decisions made and the novels that took place or unfulfilled. This shows that Dragon Age characters can change, and their fates are not set in stone.

Cassandra is one such character from Dragon Age. She is one of the first companions in the game and has three different cards. There is her default Tarot, her Divine Tarot and her Romantic Tarot. These three cards give an idea of Cassandra’s condition in the Inquisition and, perhaps, what awaits her in the future.

Standard Cassandra Card

Cassandra’s default card is the senior Arcane Force. This shows that Cassandra is confident and full of inner strength. She believes in herself, which led her to create the Inquisition. However, on the contrary, it can mean self-doubt and lack of self-control, which can happen if her relationship with the Inquisitor deteriorates. Its reverse reading may even mean hedonism, which may refer to Cassandra’s drunken tirade to the Inquisitor if they don’t get along.

The map is controlled by the fire element and the sun. Strength is often a prediction of a successful solution to a big problem. Like the direct reading of the card, Cassandra is a woman of action. However, the next card in the senior arcana is the Hermit, which may mean loneliness in her future. This is quite possible for her after the events of the Inquisition.

Cassandra’s Romantic Card

Cassandra’s romantic card is Moderation, another fire element card, but ruled by Jupiter. This is the senior arcana, representing balance and harmony. This may be a sign of Cassandra’s relationship with the Inquisitor, giving her a sense of inner balance. The card can also mean moderation and the desire for divine intervention, which may be due to the fact that the Inquisitor is a Messenger of Andraste. Inverted, this can mean imbalance and disharmony. A bad relationship can easily throw Cassandra off balance and destroy all her strength.

Moderation sharing the fire element with Cassandra’s default card may mean that Cassandra feels she can be strong next to the Inquisitor. Her romantic card symbolizes the middle way, patience and tranquility. There is little drama or doubt in her romance. After all, Cassandra is a romantic and has read enough romance novels to know what she wants.

Cassandra’s Divine Card

If she has become Divine, Cassandra receives the Empress card. This senior arcane is connected to the earth element and is controlled by Venus. It symbolizes stability, which is Cassandra’s biggest plan as a Divine. She doesn’t plan to advance plans like Leliana, or rock the boat like Vivien. She is an educator, knowing that her people will need time and patience to grow up. She knows that the Church does not welcome everyone, and wants to change this in order to strengthen trust between the residents of Tedas and the Church.

Along with the other two fire-related cards, the Divine Card stands out. This may mean that Cassandra is sacrificing a part of her former self in order to become Divine. The correct reading of the map foreshadows the rule of abundance, opportunity and growth. Inverted can mean financial problems and stagnation. A reverse read can show what is at risk with Cassandra’s rule. Stagnation is a big problem, as Leliana and Vivienne may be more insistent on change than Cassandra.

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