Dragon Age 4 “Is In The Middle Of Its Production”; Leadership Changes


Dragon Age 4: Bioware explains that the new Dragon Age 4 is in the middle of its production and announces the departure of Christian Dailey, executive producer.
BioWare shares the status of the development of Dragon Age 4, the long-awaited new installment of the saga. Through their official website they announce that the project is “in the middle of its production”, and announce important changes in leadership. Christian Dailey, executive producer to date, leaves the studio.

At what stage is the development of Dragon Age 4?

“For the next Dragon Age, we’re currently halfway through production, which is a great feeling,” explains BioWare. “We completed the blueprint last year, so now we are focused on building our vision: creating amazing settings, deep characters, strong gameplay, an impactful script, emotional scenes… and much more. The game plan is well understood and the team is focused”.

Dailey’s departure as executive producer strengthens the position of other roles. Mac Walters, who most recently led the development of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, serves as production manager. Corrine Busche, on the other hand, is the main director of the project. Finally, Benoit Houle acts as director of product development. All three have been with BioWare for over 10 years and have a long career with the team.


The statement specifically notes Houle’s track record: “He brings a deep understanding of the franchise from having worked on every Dragon Age installment, beginning 16 years ago with Dragon Age: Origins.” They promise that his work will be “closer with the team” as they progress in their production.

Finally, BioWare promises to increase the rate of news that they share with the public, both on their official website and on social networks. “As we continue development, communications with players will also become more common.