DraftKings reacted to JJ Watt’s Viral Trolling – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today


On Wednesday night, the Arizona Cardinals beat forward J.J. Watt hacked DraftKings’ social media account.

Earlier in the day, Watt posted a funny tweet about how he threw the ball across the field without looking at DeAndre Hopkins (sort of). Then DraftKings tweeted “intercepted”, which caused an incredible response from the three-time best defender of the year.

Watt responded with a tweet showing the company’s stock and how it has fallen recently. “You might want to think about intercepting profits soon…,” Watt tweeted.

Well, DraftKings has since responded. According to Darren Rovell’s report, a bookmaker is offering new odds on Watt winning his first Super Bowl.

From the Action Network:

On Thursday, DraftKings returned with a rebuttal of sorts, boosting the odds of Watt winning his first Super Bowl from 20/1 to 50/1 in a 24-hour period. The bet, which technically is that the Cardinals will win the NFC, has a maximum bet of $10, but DraftKings said everything will go to a charity of Watt’s choice.

“After yesterday’s dismissal on Twitter, it’s obvious that we’re safer to be on the J.J. Good side of Watt,” DraftKings co—founder and president of North America Matt Kalish said in a statement.

We can’t wait to see what Watt has to say about this.