Dr. Strange’s school has done more harm than good


Warning! Ahead of the spoilers of Strange Academy #18

After the completion of the first series of Marvel’s Strange Academy, it becomes quite clear that Doctor Strange’s school for the magically gifted has done more harm than good. Conceived as the supernatural’s answer to Charles Xavier’s school for mutants, the Academy of Strangeness has opened its doors with the intention of educating and guiding the next generation of magic users. However, several factors led to massive conflicts and disagreements, which led to mass student strikes and even the imprisonment of teachers.

From the 18 issues of Scotty Young and Humberto Ramos, it quickly becomes clear that the concept of the Strange Academy was ultimately good with a performance that was lacking on the part of the Supreme Wizard. Firstly, the necessary energy needed to protect and allow the students to practice magic safely was quite extreme. After all, the price of magic in the Marvel universe is quite high. In addition, Strange almost immediately quarreled with the headmaster of the Voodoo Brother school about the ultimate reason for training all these young new magicians. Similarly, students were in mortal danger with almost every graduation. Even before Dr. Strange’s death, students struggled with hiding the truth and revealing prophecies about their ultimate fate. Naturally, after Strange’s death, the situation has hardly improved.

Recently, Calvin Morse was expelled for dark magic, and Doyle Dormamu believes that he is destined to become a villain, like his father. Completely fed up with the lack of interference from the teachers of the Strange Academy, one of the most influential students Emily Bright staged a mass strike when most of the students left the school in protest. Now the new Strange Academy #18 reveals that Emily has been corrupted by dark magic, causing her to become unbalanced and incredibly aggressive. As a result, Emily is not interested in compromise when teachers eventually find their students in the Sanctum Sanctorum. This final chapter of this first semester ends with Emily imprisoning the teachers in Dr. Strange’s basement while she and the rest of the students are sent to the Dark Dimension.

Making the Dark Dimension her new home is a terrible idea, but Emily Bright can’t think clearly because of dark magic that unknowingly distorts her mind. However, it is likely that other students will still follow her, given her constant influence. In the end, she convinced them to give up the security of the Strange Academy on principle. All things considered, it’s safe to say that these young magicians are living worse than before attending Dr. Strange’s school. Although it was certainly promising, there were too many secrets kept by teachers who constantly underestimated the abilities of their students.

Considering all the madness that this first series of Strange Academy has brought, it will be incredibly interesting to see how the school will be able to return to normal when the new Strange Academy #1 is released later this year (if it is even possible for a magic school). ). Some large burned bridges will have to be repaired, and Dr. Strange’s former students will most likely find themselves up to their ears in the Dark Dimension (Dormammu kingdom). Perhaps the good old rescue mission combined with the newfound mutual respect will make teachers worthy again in the eyes of their former students.