Dr. Stone’s New Time Travel Epilogue May Fix Controversial Ending


Favorite manga “Dr. STONE” Returns to Weekly Shonen Jump with a screenshot accompanying the release of a special anime episode dedicated to the character Ryusui. The action of Dr. STONE ended in 2022 after a five-year hiatus, leaving an indelible impression on fans who can’t wait to return to the world created by Boichi and Riichiro Inagaki.

The action of “Dr. STONE” takes place four thousand years in the future, after all mankind has been petrified by the mysterious energy ray emanating from outer space. Senku Ishigami is a young scientific genius who was one of the first to awaken from petrification and plans to restore civilization, starting with any tools available in this new stone age, and also tries to solve the mystery of who put humanity in stasis. During his journey, Senku meets many allies, including Ryusui, an experienced navigator who becomes a valued member of the Kingdom of Science and will be the focus of the upcoming special anime series “Dr. STONE: Ryusui.”

In addition to this release, Dr. STONE’s official account confirmed on Twitter that the manga will return with a new separate chapter published in the July 4 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Although there are still few details about the content of the chapter, fans assume that this will be a new epilogue for the series, the finale of which was criticized as hasty and left some plot points that need to be resolved. From early spoilers and raw images circulating on the internet, the vanshot will be called “Terraforming” and it will show Sanku and his team on an adventure to find the materials needed to build a time machine.

“Dr. STONE” is a unique manga with an original combination of adventure and survival with elements of science fiction. Dr. STONE was distinguished by a thorough and accurate representation of scientific processes, which required a lot of research from the creators. Although the manga was successful in terms of sales and reception, many fans felt that it was completed ahead of time. The big revelation about the identity of the “Why-Man” who petrified humanity has been relegated to the last handful of chapters, and there are many questions left to be answered.

June already promises to be an incredible month for manga fans. One Piece will return after a month-long hiatus, and “The Man with the Chainsaw” will resume publication of the long-awaited part 2. Meanwhile, fans of “Dr. STONE” got a special pleasure seeing the return of their favorite manga with a brand new chapter, which will apparently act as a suitable epilogue for this successful series while they wait the release of the second season of the anime, which will be released in 2023.