Dr. Oz’s Shocked Description: Breakfast must be prohibited


In an interview with TMC Magazine, world-renowned doctor Mehmet Oz said that breakfast was unnecessary and should be banned. He thinks that the impositions that breakfast is the most important meal of the day are purely advertising deception.

Since childhood we have always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As a matter of fact, many doctors and dieticians have repeatedly stated that he is behind this view, but Mehmet Öz, a world-renowned doctor, said that people should not have breakfast by making one of the remarks that distort memorization.

He is known for his frequent television appearances in the United States. Mehmet Öz made these radical statements which were perceived as ız we should take breakfast out of our lives da in an interview with TMZ Magazine. The bride. Let’s take a closer look at Öz’s remarks that distort this memorization.

Dr. According to Essence, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day:
Dr. thinks that breakfast is unnecessary. Mehmet Öz, in his striking statements “I think one of the first things to do in 2020 should be to ban breakfast. I don’t think we should have breakfast, it’s an advertising scam. Unfortunately, for decades, many of the dogmas on this subject have been out of advertisements, and they were not actually based on the facts about our health. Kul

’If there will be no breakfast, when will we have the first meal of the day? Mehmet According to Mehmet Öz, the most wise thing to do is to take the breakfast out of your life and eat your first meal when we are really hungry. The first thing many people do when they wake up in the morning, even if they are not hungry ‘to make breakfast’ Dr. stating. Instead, he says, ‘brunch’ every day of the week is much healthier.

Speaking about the hunger in the morning, Öz said that this was probably due to a cut in eating. Dr. The essence underlines that high-carbohydrate foods such as roast, which are eaten at night, are also effective in hunger. These high carbohydrate foods are consumed, reducing the body’s insulin resistance and awakening the next morning with an intense feeling of hunger.

As a result of the research, most experts think that breakfast should be optional. As for whether we’re gonna have breakfast. Mehmet Oz recommends that we continue to do so, but take a little later. Dr. According to Mehmet Öz, breakfast needs to be done at the right time to be fully accurate.


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