Dr. House: The Biggest Medical Mistake Dr. Gregory House Made in Drama


The Dr. House series is a medical drama that takes place at the Princeton Plainsboro University Hospital in New Jersey. Which follows the ups and downs of abrasive genius Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) and his rotating team of doctors as they tackle medical mysteries each week. However, fans do not stop talking about a case that he had in season 7.

To say that Dr. Gregory House lives his life in a moral gray area would be the understatement of the century. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to mention that House also frequently breaks into his patients’ homes to collect evidence and clues, and has his team do it too, for one thing, he helped a lot of people that way, but some Sometimes things were done that ended in disaster.

It is true that the Dr. House series has a very deep emphasis on the medical, which means that it is meant to be completely set in our reality. The medication should be as precise as possible, even when the disease of the week is somewhat unusual or outlandish.

But because he is inspired by reality, Dr. Gregory House is also sometimes wrong. In Dr. House Season 7 Episode 16 titled “Out of the Chute,” viewers watch as a bull rider at a rodeo is trampled and rushed to the hospital, where Gregory and his medical team treat him. immediately.

Dr. House deduces that the man has had an aortic aneurysm, and then proves it wrong by rupturing the patient’s chest and raising his blood pressure, but the medical drama treats him correctly. But, the reality is that a group of fans have clarified the opposite, calling it the biggest mistake ever made.

On the Reddit social network, fans of the Dr. House series assured that the case in which the patient’s chest was opened to check his blood pressure is extremely false, because it could have made the patient much worse or even cost him. life. Even if it’s ultimately for the greater good, some things Gregory House does are very untrue, because it could cost him his career by making a mistake.

Dr. House breaks a lot of rules, but sometimes, that rampant rule-breaking takes the medical drama away from the reality the drama is claimed to be based on. However, despite all the mistakes that Gregory House made, fans continue to adore him, because of his way of being and seeing life so differently from others.