Dr Dissrespect Blasted Twitch Again After Controversy at TwitchCon


Former Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has again taken aim at the platform that banned him, ridiculing the numerous controversies at TwitchCon.

TwitchCon in San Diego has finally come to an end, and for many it was a dramatic event with numerous problems plaguing the streamer convention.

In addition to the foam pit that broke Adriana Chechik’s back when she jumped into it, there were other problems, including the appearance of stalkers at the event, requiring the intervention of the Amurantalik security service.

All this drama has led to Dr. Disrespect intervening on the topic, releasing his characteristic brutality, speed and momentum on an Amazon-owned platform.

Dr. Disrespect criticized Twitch for the TwitchCon event

On Twitter, he twice stated that he “hated” being the face of Twitch because of all this drama going on at TwitchCon.

“It looks like a mother and son dance at Mardi Gras in the 6th grade,” he laughed at the gathering of streamers, comparing it to an amateur production, despite a large budget.

At some point, it’s safe to say that Doc was called one of the faces of Twitch before his mysterious ban in the summer of 2020, to which the community is still demanding answers.

While the Champions Club icon eventually sued Twitch over the ban, they eventually settled the case. Unfortunately, the result remains the same for fans who still don’t understand why he was banned from the platform two years ago.

Despite the fact that the legal issue was resolved, this did not prevent Dr Disrespect from continuing to shoot at Twitch, forcing him to switch to YouTube without an exclusive contract, like other creators.

It seems that the two-time player will continue to express his opinion about his former platform and voice his criticism, especially since the drama continues to unfold in connection with the controversial 50-50 split of Twitch revenue.


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