Dr. Disrespect Says “Warzone 2.0” “Won’t Last Very Long”


Dr. Disrespect retracted his opinion of Warzone 2.0, stating that, in his opinion, the game “won’t last very long.”

The streaming giant recently stated that it considers the game to have “great” potential, and praised Warzone for “level design and map design” (according to Dexterto), but has since called the game a “fucking fake.”

After Disrespect dropped out of a recent stream playing alongside Courage to prepare for the OpTic Texas 100k Warzone 2.0 event: “Dude, there are literally no skill gaps in this game, huh?”

Courage replied that, in his opinion, the developers wanted “someone to kill someone.”

Disrespect replied: “Yes, in my opinion, the game will not last long.

“It’s such a damn fake game, at the moment it’s literally created for fourth graders. I’m just talking about this game in general right now—how it’s set up, and there’s literally no skill gap.”

In a four – star review of the game , NME wrote: “Can you surpass something like Warzone, what it represented and what it meant to so many people? No, but Warzone 2.0 does it damn well, and we’re here for the ride, even if that ride involves exchanging our lives in a contactless chat while camping in a stairwell.”

Activision recently reported that 25 million people played Warzone 2.0 in the first five days.

After the release, the official Call Of Duty Twitter account confirmed a huge number of first-time players, tweeting: “Thank you: 5 days, more than 25 million players.”

To surpass the first Warzone game in terms of the number of players in the first 10 days of sale, the new game must gain 30 million players in the next four days.


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