Dr. Disrespect posted a new video on YouTube


Dr. Disrespect posted a new video on YouTube, but it’s not what you think. Dr. Disrespect returned to YouTube, more or less.

The Dr. uploaded a new video on his channel today for the first time in three weeks. But it is not a featured stream video or montage. It’s just the full version of the song he tweeted yesterday .

The song is called “Alleyways” and is from J + 1. It is also available on BandCamp, Spotify and as a download in the information section of the video above.

Yesterday, Dr. broke his silence after his ban on Twitch on June 26th. But he didn’t offer much new information in the widely controlled responses he gave in some interviews.

Dr. says he still doesn’t know why he was banned from Twitch. He said he and his team are working behind the scenes for his return, which he confirmed will not be on Twitch.

Meanwhile, the lyrics of the song are as follows:

” It’s out of my hands
But I’m still in control
It’s out of my hands
You can never take the power out of my soul “

It seems that Dr. is expressing his frustration and feelings through music. But beyond that, there’s still a lot we don’t know about his ban on Twitch and what his future holds.

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