Dr Disrespect Interrupts Cosplay Stream on Twitch Due to Hilarious Unofficial Comeback


Twitch viewers were riveted to their screens during the cosplay broadcast after the banned star Dr Disrespect appeared in a perfect (but unofficial) cameo.

The dock has been banned on the Amazon-owned platform since June 2020, and the reason for deleting its channel has not appeared.

In March 2022, Two-Time reported that it had finally settled a legal dispute with Twitch and has been pretty quiet about the situation ever since. The members of the Champions Club still don’t understand why he had to switch to YouTube.

Blocking on Twitch, of course, has a long-term impact on Doc’s streaming ability, since he can’t actually stream live with the biggest content creators who have exclusive streaming deals on Twitch. A superstar in a wig appearing on the screen of another streamer can lead to a violation of Community Principles that restrict crossovers.

However, one TV company found a way to bring him back with a perfect cameo this October.

Dr. Disrespect Appears in a Perfect Twitch Cameo

On October 4, Twitch streamer Stormfall33 held a cosplay stream in the image of Velma from Scooby-Doo.

Entering the bathroom, someone was in the shower. However, the audience couldn’t see who it was. She said, “Uh, you know there was a murder, right? Sorry for interrupting your shower.

A few seconds later, a head appeared above the shower. Here it is.

“Do you want to talk about the two-time blockbuster champion of 1993-1994 and a real international superstar of video games?”

The chat burst into laughter when one after another the classic catch phrases of Dr. Disrespect sounded. Everything was mentioned, from the poisonous Ethiopian caterpillar on his lip to the 37-inch vertical jump.

Although the look may not have been official and was definitely just a played video recording, it was an absolutely vintage Dock.

The stream was already interesting, as Stormfall33 sought to solve a Scooby-Doo-style murder mystery, but it could just steal the show.


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