Dr. Derek Shepherd’s funeral is one of his biggest concerns


The Grey’s Anatomy series showed us one of the saddest scenes on the show, the death and funeral of Dr. Derek Shepherd, but something interesting happened with the sudden appearance of Christina Yang.

During Grey’s Anatomy season 11 episode 21, we saw the unfortunate death of one of the most important characters in the series, Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Shepard, had suffered a car accident, which had an unfortunate brain death, Meredith makes the decision to disconnect him and avoid further suffering.

But in episode 22 during Derek’s funeral, called “She’s Leaving Home,” Cristina Yang made a very brief appearance in the episode. But the reality is that it was not the original actress, Sandra Oh.

To represent Cristina Yang in the episode of Dr. Shepherd’s funeral, they used a backup actress resembling actress Sandra Oh. Everything to make a presence like Cristina Yang.

Recall that Cristina Yang’s actress, Sandra Oh, had left the series on Grey’s Anatomy season 10. So they used an understudy to represent the character.

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