Dr. Crockett’s love triangle is finally resolved


In the seventh season of the enigmatic Chicago Med series, many unexpected twists and turns were found on the screens, and as a result, the trained staff of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center did not hesitate to find themselves in trouble on more than one occasion.

One of the characters most involved in this drama has been Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains), who is trapped in an awkward-romantic situation. As we well know, in the previous episodes, he and the transplant surgeon, Dr. Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty) kissed exactly in episode 9.

However, Crockett had also had some dates with Blake’s daughter, Avery Quinn (Johanna Braddy), which means that he will have to make a decision, and despite that, he would find himself in a big fix because he is dating his mother and daughter. Recall that Crockett Marcel began dating Avery Quinn in Chicago Med’s seventh season.

The doctor and Avery Quinn first met when the young woman was admitted to the hospital. The pair shared a pleasant conversation and there seemed to be an instant attraction between the two. Once Avery got out of the hospital, she asked her star doctor out and of course he agreed.

At the same time, Blake has become something of a mentor to Crockett, who is considering a fellowship in transplant surgery. The finale made it clear that Avery isn’t the only one Crockett is attracted to.

Lately, the inevitable chemistry between Dr. Pamela Blake and Dr. Crockett Marcel has been showing on NBC screens. Finally, when Blake made a rather suggestive comment, the two shared a drink along with a passionate kiss that gave away their wishes.

Even the same co-showrunners, Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov, detailed that Marcel’s relationship is extremely complicated, and their possible new relationship will be further explored in season seven. “It’s a little triangle for him [Crockett] there with Avery, and it’s awkward, right?”… “Dr. Blake doesn’t know anything about him dating Avery. That’s uncomfortable. We’re going to keep playing that. “