Doyoung portrays love with his new OST Night Air


The K-pop group member made his debut in the world of acting, but the music was not far behind and NCTzen falls in love with a new song.

NCT’s Doyoung debuts his new song “Night Air,” the idol made his acting debut for the drama “Cafe Midnight” and lent his voice to perform the first OST ever.

The K-pop group of the agency SM continues with their projects of 20221, after making their Japanese comeback with the album “ LOVEHOLIC”, the boys are embarking on their solo plans, especially Jaehyun and Doyoung, who make their debut in the Korean entertainment world with their respective leading dramas.

Through the official VLENDING channel and Korean music platforms, NCT 127’s Doyoung premiered “Night Air,” the OST for his recently released drama “Cafe Midnight” . The idol started a new stage in his career as an actor and singer.

“Café Midnight” is a fantasy drama with 3 seasons, Doyoung participates in the third part and tells the life of “Ji Woo”, a young student who is looking for his mother, but arrives at a strange cafeteria that does not even appear on maps, as strange events combine time and space, he also seems to have the ability to see into the future.


Doyoung not only brings to life the main character of the third season “The Curious Stalker”, he also lent his voice for the first part of the OST, a fundamental element in dramas that presents the emotions and feelings that the characters experience.

The MV for the song, which combines Doyoung in the studio and images from the story, already has more than 200 thousand views. The winter love ballad portrays the feelings that “Sun Min,” played by Kim In Yi, is held captive by “Ji Woo.”

Doyoung’s voice portrays the lyrics that speak about the monotony of the days as he longs in solitude for that special someone, hoping that he knows his feelings. The NCT member managed to thrill NTCzen with his high notes on this song. Through social networks, they expressed their support for the singer for this new project with which he makes his acting debut.

In addition to being an actor and a singer , Doyoung will also show his modeling side this spring alongside Jungwoo , both idols proved to be the perfect beauty duo.


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