Download the classic Chip’s Challenge for free on Steam


The mythical Atari game stars in a new promotion through which you can download the title for free on the Valve platform.

Chip’s Challenge, one of the most remembered Atari Lynx games by the legendary Epyx studio, celebrates its 30th anniversary since its conversion to MS-DOS with the possibility of downloading it for free through Steam. This was announced by its creator, Chuck Sommerville, to promote its new sequel, Chuck’s Challenge 3D 2020, available on Steam for 8.19 euros for a few days.

A classic from our childhood

Thus, we can now get hold of the version of the mythical Windows Chip’s Challenge included in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 of the time, completely free on Steam. A classic puzzle for which years do not pass, at least at the mechanical level. And it is that despite the fact that its approach is simple as possible, it hides an adventure of puzzles and logic through its many squared levels.

So much so, that good old Chip will have to move through scenarios made up of grids and in which to collect the different parts of a chip to open the exit to the next level; on his way he will come across all kinds of traps and obstacles that we will have to overcome to get out of the 144 levels that he proposes, of increasing difficulty.


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