Download Speed of Sony PlayStation Slowed down in Europe and USA


Sony Playstation users, who are the first to come to mind when it comes to game console, can now download their games at lower speeds. With this measure taken to keep network traffic to a minimum degree, game downloads can be delayed.

The new type of coronavirus, which has been declared as a pandemic with its spread worldwide, continues to infect thousands of people and deaths day by day. In order to minimize the spread of the virus, authorities are making calls to people to stay at home.

Most of the people who stay in their homes to protect themselves and other people spend their time; They prefer to spend time watching TV series / movies, playing games, watching live broadcasts, television or videos. As a result of so many people loading Internet networks at the same time, some services’ data streams are being changed to prevent bottlenecks in the flow and to support internet providers.

PlayStation download speed is also restricted in the USA.
Over the past week, the service, which heavily uses YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and many more data streams, announced that they have reduced their data stream quality to relieve internet lines. The same decision was made for another region from Sony, which has restricted PlayStation download speeds for the European region.

Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan updated his statement earlier this week with the following words: “From today on, we will take similar measures in the US, and as long as this unforeseen situation continues, we will continue to do our part to help ensure internet stability. We are grateful for our role in helping to deliver a sense of community and fun. Thank you again for your support, patience and for being part of the PlayStation community. Please stay home and stay safe. ”

While the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread, some sacrifices may be required. Although it is annoying not to be able to download the games at full speed on the days of staying at home for weeks, it is the right decision to allow another person to continue their work from home and continue to work.