Download Metro 2033 for free on Steam


This is the normal version, not the Redux, so it does not include all the graphic novelties of the revamped version.

4A Games has made its first title available to all Steam players, the debut film that served as the beginning of a new saga. Metro 2033, based on the novel by Dmitri Glujovski, is available completely free on Steam. This means that if you download it before March 15, you can add it to your library permanently. It should be noted, however, that it is not the Redux version, so it does not introduce the improvements of this version. In addition, there are offers throughout the saga.

This video game starts a story in which the player finds himself in Moscow, or rather, in the tunnels of the subway. Following a nuclear apocalypse, strange mutant creatures have emerged. Faced with this situation, the survivors try to stay alive at all costs. It was in 2013 when humanity was practically exterminated, so life on Earth has become a lethal experience. Civilization has fallen into darkness, but it still does not give up.

Civilization, 20 years later

Now, in the middle of the year 2033, there is already a new generation, which has been born underground and has become accustomed to the terrible conditions in which they live. The fight for survival is the daily bread, especially in the presence of the terrifying monsters that lurk. The player takes on the shoes of Artyom, who although born on the surface, has been raised in the tunnels. No one ventured beyond the limits of the station, but events will precipitate that happening. A new adventure begins, but develops throughout the three installments available to date.

Metro: Exodus is the most recent title in the series. Originally released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the game brings us straight to the surface, into a world devastated by the post-apocalyptic disaster. 4A Games has announced an update that will improve the product in the new generation, which includes Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5 and PC.


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