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One more Thursday, the Epic Games digital store offers its usual free video game promotion, this time with a last minute change of plans.

One more week, Epic Games Store offers its usual promotion of free video games to add to our personal account, this time, with Dungeons 3 as the main protagonist, all after the last minute change for Wargame: Red Dragon, announced last week and which will finally be offered later. In addition, the title that will star in the next promotion next week with the curious independent title The Textorcist has been confirmed.

Get Dungeons 3 free for PC now

Thus, those who want to embody evil will have a good chance with Dungeons 3, the third installment of such a carefree saga of strategy that puts us on the side of the bad guys by controlling units of all kinds of classic monsters throughout dark dungeons. all to try to end the threat of heroes beyond the limits of our caves.

So much so, that we will have at our disposal a large number of traps to design the most dangerous and threatening underground dungeons that we can imagine, giving free rein to our most cunning and evil spirit. Although if we do not have enough patience to exploit our creativity, we can always have countless levels generated randomly.

Be that as it may, if we want to get Dungeons 3 and keep it forever, we just have to access the game’s official page in the Epic Games Store and claim our free copy before November 12, the date on which the next one will be made. free game with The Textorcist, a bet on the most frenetic action in a retro format as original as it is surprising.

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Dungeons 3 is the new free game from Epic Games Store

Recall that recently the abrupt change from Wargame: Red Dragon to Dungeons 3 was announced; At the moment it is unknown when the war strategy game will be available as part of the usual weekly promotions of the Epic digital store.


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