Download de Cuphead está no PS4, Xbox, Switch e PC


Cuphead arrived on PlayStation 4 (PS4) after almost three years of the original release. Inspired by the children’s animations of the 1930s, Cuphead is a shooting and action platform game.

With a cartoon style reminiscent of Disney classics, the game’s drawings were made by hand, while the visual and sound effects were created based on the techniques used in the animations of that time.

Cuphead was released on September 29, 2017, initially only for Xbox One and PC, with no version for Xbox 360. The title arrived for Nintendo Switch last year and only this week was made available for download on PS4. Next, check out the minimum requirements and prices to download Cuphead.


One of this week’s releases on PS4, Cuphead costs R $ 83.50. For PC (via Steam), Cuphead is available for R $ 36.99 and the game package with the official soundtrack is 10% off at the store, costing R $ 51.28. The soundtrack was composed by musician Kristofer Maddigan and has almost three hours of original jazz that packs the adventures of the game.

For Xbox One, Cuphead costs R $ 74.95 and is compatible with Xbox Play Anywhere, the game is available on the console and also on Windows 10 at no additional cost. On the Nintendo Switch, the game has the lowest price between platforms and is available for R $ 49.90.

Learn more about Cuphead

Developed by the MHDR studio, the game tells the story of the brothers Cuphead and Mugman who made a deal to pay off debt by collecting souls for the devil. The game is marked by the dynamics of the gameplay and the complexity of the different levels, enemies and bosses.

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With no prediction for Cuphead 2, the game is expected to expand later this year. The DLC “The Delicious Last Course” was announced in 2018, but the developers have not yet confirmed the price or the release date. In this expansion, Cuphead and Mugman will join Miss Chalice on a new island. The adventure will have new levels, weapons and skills.

In addition, Netflix is ​​producing an animated series inspired by the game that will be called “The Cuphead Show!”, The first season will have 11 episodes of 10 minutes each. The series still has no confirmed date to be released, but the platform has already released the first images of the animation, check below:


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