Dove Cameron talks about LGBT Disney characters


Dove Cameron revealed if her characters from Disney movies and series are part of the LGBTQ + community, the actress who played Mal in ‘Descendants’, surprised her fans by sharing the tastes in relationships of her roles.

In the framework of the international coming out day or day to come out of the closet, fans of different series, movies and cartoons began to debate about which fictional characters belong to the LGBTQ + community.

Some Disney fans posted on Twitter speculating about the preference in relationships of Disney movie characters, including “Descendants” and the “Liv and Maddie” series, both projects starring Dove Cameron.


A fan posted a message on the same social network where she shared that she believed that Dove Cameron’s character Liv in the series ‘Liv and Maddie’ was not heterosexual, so the ‘Descendants’ protagonist replied:

Maddie was definitely gay

And in another post she shared:

Liv was bi

Since Dove was interacting a lot with users on the Internet, they began to question her about the preferences of her other roles, such as Mal, in “Descendants.”

‘Descendants’ is a Disney film saga that narrates the adventures of the children of characters from the best-known stories, in the three installments of the film, Dove Cameron plays Mal, the daughter of Maleficent and girlfriend of Prince Benjamin, son of Beauty and Beast.

Cameron clarified all the doubts to her followers and explained that Mal, the protagonist of ‘Descendants’ is a pansexual person, that is, she feels attraction to people regardless of their gender.

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