Dove Cameron is one of the fashionable girls. The 23-year-old actress has become one of Hollywood’s favorite stars for the younger audience thanks to the movie of The Descendants. However, his life in front of the cameras has not been entirely easy. The young woman has granted a very sincere interview to the Create & Cultivate medium revealing some of the most negative things of her time by Disney.

The young woman has assured that the first years at Disney were the best years of her life, but “they were also some of the worst”: “I had a lot of fun, experiencing who I was, what my skills were, falling in love for the first time and browsing this totally new world I was in now ”.

But all this way of roses had several thorns that ended up hurting Dove: “While all this was happening, I was dealing with the death of my father, severe anorexia and bulimia, anxiety related to the newly discovered fame and global attention” .

But it was precisely these sad events that made today the strong woman she is: “I think that all those years have prepared my life for my career now, that I am undoubtedly stronger, more concerted and more brazen than never.”

With these words, Dove wants to make it clear that his life is not a fairy tale like the movies he stars in: “Not everything was magic, but it seems that it was exactly how it had to be to take me where I am now.”

Dove Cameron congratulates Booboo Stewart
Last Saturday, January 25, another of the stars of The Descendants, Booboo Stewart, turned 26 springs. Of course, her friend Dove Cameron, with whom she has recorded the three films of the saga, has wanted to dedicate some precious words through an Instagram post, telling about everything that has happened together:

“Happy birthday to this little mammal late … I still find a way to love you and for that you should be very grateful. It’s a joke. Thank you for always cutting me when I shout “more confidence” and thanks for always carrying my bags and stuff. You are with the only person with whom I want to go hunting for treasure in the middle of the joche in Tokyo. I love you a lot. See you tomorrow”

Without a doubt, the two young people have lived together for a long time: from the filming of The Descendants to the premieres all over the world.


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