Dove Cameron reveals how it works on her mental health


The singer has always been very open to talking about the problems that have haunted her for years.

The singer tries to always carry a great message for her fans , since she suffers from depression and anxiety , this has left her some lessons on how to live day by day, due to the COVID-19 hundreds of people have had to practice social isolation to avoid more infections.

Dove Cameron shared with her fans a post on Instagram , about how she is dealing with quarantine , since for her personal care is important , but not only physical, but mental .

In the two images , you can see that the interpreter of ‘Out Of Touch’, in front of her mirror, in the description you can read: ‘ Healing is not always beautiful, for me: self-care at this moment is working my trauma with writing, facial therapy, and daily conversations with myself about accepting my life and my current state. ‘

Dove said that she tries to keep her mind on other things , such as different hobbies , such as reading and baking so that she can focus all her patience, she is taking care of herself and trying to be a better version of herself .

She added that to heal she must face all its painful past and fight the fight that is fighting for years in her mind, concluded by saying, ‘though I’m doing the best for me and keeping my distance, I’m always here. I hope you do what’s best for you. ‘

Her fans and friends, showed all their support in the comments section , expressed that they appreciated that she was very real, others told her that thanks to her they had been able to ask for help on some emotional situations that afflict them.


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