Dove Cameron imitates Kardashians on TikTok


Dove Cameron imitates Kardashians on TikTok. The funny clip has caused many of her followers to join this network to be able to follow it.

Recently, the young actress shared with her followers that she had finally joined the fashion social network , inviting them to do the same and follow the account she had just created to share fun videos.

Tiktok’s popularity has changed as its perception of it has evolved. Although for a time the fame of this social network was used in the midst of jokes and ridicule, the reality is that more and more people are choosing to create their own account and venture to the fun that this site can offer.

Thus, in the midst of the quarantine, Dove Cameron posted a new video and shared it through other networks, having been pleased with the result. It is an imitation of a fragment of the series of E !, Keeping Up With The Kardashian , where Dove covered different roles of the sisters while each one expresses points of view.

Dove swapped out a few details of her look to bring the different roles to life, donning sunglasses, letting go of her hair or tying it while performing the dubbing of the scene with audio available on Tiktok.

If you don’t follow Dove Cameron on Tiktok yet , you can watch the video here:


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