Dove Cameron Gives You A Small Tribute To Her Dad After 8 Years


Dove Cameron has not only suffered the loss of her companion and friend Cameron Boyce, but also that of her father, Philip Hosterman.

The actress could not help remembering her deceased father, so she shared on her Instagram profile a couple of photographs of her dad’s favorite restaurant. He remembered that he used to send letters that reminded him of that place, but he had to confess that he tries not to relive those memories because it still hurts.

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this was my dads favorite restaurant in LA before he died. he used to send me coffee stained postcards from here when i was a little girl that would live on our family fridge for months and years “hello from LA”. now, i’ve lived in LA for 9 years, and i’ve never been here, but somehow ended up here the other night, on accident. i tried to order what he used to order, in an effort to share an experience with him for the first time in 8 years. i have very few reminders in my life left of him, physical proof that he was ever here to begin with. it’s almost like my life now, and my life with him, are two different lives, and i guess, for the most part, i have kept it that way on purpose. not because i prefer it, or i want to forget, but mostly because it is too painful to look at all the time. i was going to try to spin this into something happy, something about healing and remembering those lost, because that’s what i think we would all prefer, and that’s what i’ve always done. it’s more comfortable, and i would feel less naked. but recently, i don’t have the energy to do that in my life anymore. and hiding the sad parts is doing a disservice to myself, and the quality of my life. it’s not happy. it’s really sad, everyday. and so am i, most days, if i’m honest. and that’s ok, too.

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Dove explained that although he has lived in Los Angeles for 9 years he never returned to that place, he even confessed that her current life, compared to her childhood, seems two different things. Dove admitted that it has been on purpose to suppress her memories to avoid the pain that her absence still causes him.

The actress admitted that she realized that she was wrong, so she decided to pay a small tribute to her dad remembering him in front of her favorite place.

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