Doubled in a Month: What is Hedera Hashgraph?


Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) gained 80 percent on the monthly chart and managed to climb up to $ 0.18. So what are Hedera Hashgraph and HBAR tokens?

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) saw an increase of 20 percent on the bi-week chart and 52 percent on the weekly chart. HBAR token earned 16 percent on a daily basis. The token has not yet reached the $ 0.32 ATH level it saw in September 2019.

With a market value of $ 1.3 billion, HBAR is ranked 56th with its market value. The trading volume of the token in the 24-hour period was $ 220 million.

What are Hedera Hashgraph and HBAR tokens?

Founded in 2016, Hedera Hashgraph is a platform that uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) and promises to be faster and more secure than blockchain technology. It uses the hashgraph mechanism as an alternative to the blockchain consensus mechanism. It aims to perform more than 10 thousand crypto money transactions and high-efficiency transactions per second.

The network also provides a tokenization service. Users can perform faster and more cost-effective tokenization transactions. Token assets allow trading of crypto assets or NFTs. At the same time, with Hedera consensus service (HCS), any application on the platform has a security layer. In this way, in-app messages can be sent securely.

The local token of the network, HBAR, is used to pay the transaction fees on the network and the required fees for trading transactions within the platform. In addition, HBAR tokens are given as a reward to those running nodes in the network working with PoS system. The total supply of HBAR token is 50 billion, while its circulating supply is 7.5 billion.

Exchanges that list the HBAR token; Bitexen, Binance, Upbit, OKEx,, Bittrex, Indodax, Huobi, CoinEx, OkCoin, and HitBTC.