Double Fine, From Psychonauts 2, Is Already Working On Other Games


Psychonauts 2: Responsible for the development of Psychonauts 2, the Double Fine studio is already working on its next releases. According to Eurogamer, the producer had previously informed that it was aiming for a future drawn out with several games on the horizon, finally returning to the theme more recently. The company, which since 2019 has been owned by Microsoft as part of Xbox Game Studios, said it has multiple teams working on different titles.

“The studio is already divided into several teams that are starting different projects and we think you’ll like them,” said the producer. The revelation was published in an update for Psychonauts 2 supporters on the website of the community publisher Fig.

“We like to experiment here at Double Fine,” the text continued. According to the studio, “every game is a chance to explore new ideas, new visual or gameplay styles, emotions and more.” In addition, the company says it is satisfied with the result achieved with the sequel to Psychonauts, having the “chance to search and re-imagine the classic” that put the team on the radar of game fans.

Now, the developer’s focus shifts to new projects — but players can rest assured that the team is still keeping an eye on all support requests for their other games.

Tim Schafer, the head of Double Fine, had previously commented on splitting the studio into multiple teams to cover multiple projects simultaneously. At the time, according to Eurogamer, he would have said all efforts were aimed at finalizing the production of Psychonauts 2, but that his company would “definitely” go back to working on “several projects after that”.

Psychonauts 2 was released on August 25th of this year for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Linux and macOS.