A Double-Faced Cat Was Born In The U.S.


A couple of cats living in Albany, Oregon, USA, gave birth to a two-faced puppy. The cat, which has two mouths, two noses and four eyes, is eating with one face and meowing with the other.

Kyla and BJ King couple living in Albany, Oregon, USA witnessed a very rare event. The couple, who gave birth to cats, was surprised to see that one of the puppies had two faces. This situation, which is scientifically known as diprosopus or craniofacial names, is on the agenda of both the press and social media.

Speaking to local news channel KOIN-TV, the King couple said that they named their two-faced cat “Biscuits” (Biscuits). Stating that the kitten with two mouths, two noses and four eyes did not have any problems with breathing and eating, Kyla King stated that one face was meowing while the other face was eating at the same time.

The double-faced cat named biscuits meows while eating

“Whenever I feed him, both his mouths move, they both do the sucking,” said Kyla King, who said they had 6.3 kittens, not 6. BJ King said, “We are not overly optimistic, but our kittens seem extremely lively, and their appetite is in place and everything seems to be doing well.”

Indicating that they received a lot of requests for kittens and other siblings, BJ King stated that they do not intend to give the double-faced cat. Called diprosopus or craniofacial, this mating defect may cause the cat named Biscuits to face many health problems in the future.

Craniofacial mating, a genetic disease, causes a living being to be born as two heads.
Craniofacial mating, an extremely rare genetic disease, causes a creature to be born with two heads, but the brain becomes common. According to Independent Turkish, Leslie Lyons, who is working on cat genetics, said that there are various genetic mechanisms that can cause craniofacial mating disorder.

Stating that this situation is not only limited to cat species and may occur in other mammals, marsupial mammals or vertebrate animals, Lyons said that there is no cure for craniofacial disease yet.


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