Double Chin and company: Maren Wolf has an important message!


Maren Wolf (30) loves herself the way she is! The beauty is one of the most successful YouTubers in Germany. For many years, she has been telling very intimate details of her life on the video platform — whether it was her wedding to Tobias Wolf or the birth of her son. But now she has also used her wide reach online for an important statement: Maren is finally accepting herself!

On her Instagram profile, she posted a video about herself and presented her chocolate side in the first few seconds. Super sloppy and possibly with a filter, she poses in front of the camera, but then shoots a virtual blur. Maren says that she sometimes has a double chin, as well as stretch marks after the birth of her son — all this is normal, there was a message!

“It took me years to accept and love myself. I have always aspired to a better body, beautiful skin or something else,” the influential person frankly and honestly admitted. However, now Maren realized that beauty mostly comes from within. “Everyone likes to show themselves in a beautiful light. […] You always need to remember who you are and that you are special,” she concluded the post.


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