“DOT, AVAX, Cosmos and SUSHI” Predictions


Crypto analyst and trader Jason Pizzino said that he is closely following Cosmos (ATOM), Avalanche (AVAX) and two cryptocurrencies as the altcoin market continues to recover. Pizzino shares the appropriate levels for a post-correction entry throughout his analysis.

We can say that the altcoins that we are going to examine now are in a price discovery mode. The analyst sets these levels…

Jason Pizzino would like to see these levels in Cosmos (ATOM) price:

Altcoin project Cosmos ( ATOM ) is a cryptocurrency powering a Blockchain ecosystem designed to scale and work with each other. The crypto expert wants to see ATOM price between $30 and $37 before continuing the price increase:

If we get that nice consolidation, give us some rest and then we’ll be back on the road. We look sweet. This is exactly what we want to see.

The Cosmos (ATOM) price was in discovery mode at the time of writing:

Jason Pizzino sets this range for DOT price after Cosmos (ATOM):

In a recent Youtube video, Pizzino said he expects Polkadot ( DOT ) , the interoperability blockchain platform, to reach around $50 after a short wait:

We want to see consolidation for one, one or two upward moves, back ($28), consolidate and then an up move. These are the options I am looking for for a positive outcome for DOT trading.

Altcoin AVAX price may consolidate before the second move, according to the analyst

Looking at smart contract platform Avalanche, Pizzino says he expects Avalanche (AVAX) to consolidate before firing up the next leg.

If we lower the correction to the previous regions ($45), that means we will need more time in the consolidation period before we hit the road again… You want to see consolidation before the next move. Join that getaway. This is a stronger looking cryptocurrency.

AVAX was testing its $75.32 ATH at the time of writing:

Well, SushiSwap (SUSHI)

The last altcoin on the radar of Jason Pizzino, whose analysis share is the automatic market maker (AMM) SushiSwap ( SUSHI ). Pizzino says SUSHI needs to stay above critical levels to continue the uptrend:

It’s a reasonable set up, around $14, provided we hold these levels. Of course, I don’t want to see it drop below $12 and worst of all, this level here is about $9.50 because that’s your high low… If the bottoms start to break then it’s considered a downtrend.


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