Dorit Kemsley Claims Lisa Vanderpump Ignored Her At a Party Amid PC Text Message Drama: She ‘Never Got Up’


Pouring tea. Dorit Kemsley claimed that Lisa Vanderpump ignored her at a mutual friend’s party, continuing to tell that the restaurateur did not contact her after she was robbed at gunpoint in her home in October 2021.

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“Listen, I’ve heard a lot of things. I heard that she contacted me, thought she was blocked, so you never know what to believe,” Dorit, 45, told Andy Cohen during an appearance on Wednesday, June 22, on “Watch What Happens Live.”

“I know this: if we had received a message, we would have responded. I don’t want to delay this LVP, but three months, four months after the incident, we saw her. We were at a party on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of a mutual friend,” the fashion designer continued. After claiming that 61-year-old Vanderpump “never approached” her or her husband, Paul “PC” Kemsley, at the meeting, Dorit added: “If you sent a text message and you really care, come up to one of us and say, ‘How are you? I sent you a message, but I didn’t get a reply.” Nothing.”

When the Connecticut native claimed that the author of Simply Divine said nothing about the incident during a May performance at WWHL, Vanderpump defended herself via Twitter. “Fact… I contacted… they didn’t respond,” she wrote. In a subsequent tweet, she included a screenshot of the text she allegedly sent to the PC in October 2021. “I’m so sorry to hear what happened and I’m glad you’re all safe,” the text message read.

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However, Dorit is still not convinced. “It’s just a little hard for me to believe that she actually reached out when she said she did,” she told Cohen, 54, adding that Vanderpump tweeted a “very mean comment” about how she “didn’t recognize” her at a mutual friend’s party.

Although the two reality TV stars were once close friends, the collapse of their relationship was documented in season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2019. When Dorit returned the puppy she had adopted from the Vanderpump Dog Foundation to an animal shelter, the British designer was furious that her then best friend had not brought her a dog instead. RHOBH executive producer Chris Cullen later accused Vanderpump of leaking the “puppygate” story to the press. Vanderpump, for her part, categorically denied the accusations and left the show in the middle of season 9.

“I [left the show] because I was very, very, very unhappy and I didn’t like being called a liar,” she told Us Weekly exclusively during the release of the podcast “Getting Real with the Housewives” in March 2021. “To accuse me of selling stories when stories never come out of my restaurants, you know, it was such an insult to me. It was about my heart, it was about the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which was born out of complete compassion and my passionate project. I just thought: “I’m done with it.”

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Dorit is still an actor of RHOBH and appears in the 12th season of the series, which premiered on May 11.