Dorian and Miss France 2021 know each other very well!


Did you know ? Amandine Petit, crowned Miss France 2021, and Dorian de Koh-Lanta have a special relationship.

Both from Normandy, Amandine Petit (Miss France) and Dorian (Koh-Lanta) know each other very well.

No one would ever have suspected any relationship between Miss France and an adventurer from Koh-Lanta. And yet!

Indeed, Amandine Petit, who was crowned Miss France 2021 this Saturday, December 19, knows one of them. This is Dorian, a participant from Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands.

In fact, the latter would even be very good friends. A few months ago, the beauty queen was invited to her birthday.

Thus, the pretty blonde gave an interview to our colleagues from Télé 7 jours. “Dorian (Koh-Lanta) is a Caennais and shows what in Caen, we have sacred nuggets! (…) ”

“So we ended up in interviews with the press a number of times. It’s great because we weren’t defending the same project, “she explained.

Then the young woman added: “We have the same values: ambition, drive and positivity. We immediately found each other very well ”


And when Amandine Petit mentions the name Dorian (Koh-Lanta), she is full of praise for him. “I was very supportive of her in Koh-Lanta,” she said.

“When he was at the orienteering race, I started the Miss France adventure and was in front of my screen. I am very proud of his career ”she finished.

Something to put a smile on Dorian’s (Koh-Lanta) lips. The young man can boast of having the support of such a pretty girl, crowned Miss France 2021 on top of that!

What about Dorian (Koh-Lanta)? You have to believe that the athlete does not think less of her. Still with Télé 7 jours, he hailed his victory.

“I’m so happy for her, it’s crazy what is happening to her but so deserved. Honestly, she’s a nugget, she’s so cool. ” So Normandy can only be proud.


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