Doria wants to vaccinate the entire state of São Paulo


The governor of São Paulo João Doria said he believed that the entire population of the state will be vaccinated against the new coronavirus in 2021. The comment was made during a virtual meeting with the mayors of 645 cities in São Paulo, this Wednesday (6), for the presentation of the state immunization plan.

According to Doria, vaccination in São Paulo starts on January 25th. In the first phase of the campaign, health professionals, indigenous, quilombolas and the elderly will be served. At this stage, the forecast is that 9 million people will be immunized against covid-19 by March 28, with two doses of CoronaVac.

Sinovac’s immunizer will be applied in 10,000 stations, including schools, pharmacies and train stations, among other locations. The opening hours will be from 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays and between 7 am and 5 pm on weekends and holidays.

Despite saying that he plans to vaccinate the entire state in 2021, the governor gave no further details on how he will put the plan into practice. For example, the immunization schedule for the rest of the population has not yet been defined, after serving the priority group – the state currently has 46.2 million inhabitants, according to the IBGE.

First phase schedule

On the next 25th, health workers, indigenous and quilombolas start to be immunized (second dose on February 15th). In February, it is the turn of the elderly, starting with those aged 75 or over on the 8th (second dose on March 1st).

People aged 65 to 69 receive the first dose on the 22nd and the second on the 15th of March. On March 1st, those aged 60 to 64 will be served, with the second dose scheduled for the 22nd of the same month.


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