doProduction Device that Converts All Kinds of Bikes to Electric Bicycles: Byqee


In the developing city life, transportation problems are gradually increasing. As such, the interest in alternative environmentalist transportation is increasing. One of these initiatives is the local device Byqee, which converts all kinds of bicycles into electric bicycles with its easy structure established in 15 minutes.

Environmental solutions in urban transportation are gaining importance day by day. In this context, many local enterprises support new environmentally friendly mobile transportation solutions by producing new projects. In this article, we will talk about the

production Byqee initiative, which is one of these initiatives and can transform any bike into an electric bicycle.

Offering the lightest and easiest e-bike conversion developed within ITU Core, Byqee promises an easier, faster and more enjoyable driving experience by turning even a simple bike into an electric bike. With Byqee, which can be set up in less than 15 minutes, transportation becomes much more comfortable in uphill or hilly road conditions.

What exactly is Byqee?

Adding a different dimension to the concept of micro mobility, this device was developed over a year with a core staff of different engineers who set out to provide a “pleasant, practical and passionate” driving experience. Coming out of its box with 4 different equipment, Byqee has two electrical conversion kits, Base and Pro.

Base model with pedal assist support of these kits has a range of 35 kilometers and the Pro model has a range of up to 45 kilometers. It is possible to easily remove and install the 250 watt electric motor that comes out of the box to both charge and provide safety. Moreover, with its 1.2 kilogram weight and portable dimensions, it can be easily carried in the bag.


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