DoorDash Customer Threatens Driver With a Slap in the Face for Asking to Scan His ID Card


A DoorDash driver went viral on TikTok after reporting that a customer threatened to slap him because he couldn’t show his ID.

Content creator Malik (maliekr) told viewers that “a lot of shit happens here in Houston” when he plays DoorDashing. As an example, he described the case of a customer named Mika.

In his video, Malik revealed that Mika threatened to “slap” him after he asked to show his ID for an order of chili, which included alcohol.

Regarding the delivery of alcohol to customers, the DoorDash website says: “You must confirm the identity of the customer by following the instructions in the Dasher app before handing him an order containing alcohol.

“You can’t leave an alcohol order unattended or hand it over to someone who can’t show a valid ID (even if they claim the customer is inside and can’t come to the door).”

TikToker, who knows about this rule, said: “Damn it, DoorDash sends you a notification right before you drive up to the house. So I pull him, for example, to his house, and he puts “exit at the door”.


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Customer threatens to slap DoorDash driver

He continued: “I send him a message and say, ‘Hey, hi, Mika, you have alcohol and I have to check your license, so I can’t leave it at your door.’ So is it cool?”

Although Mika thought it was cool, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t.

“He should have just fucking told me that it wasn’t cool, because when I fucking got there, that s**k didn’t even have her fucking ID,” he recalled.

Although Mika “looked mature enough,” Malik said that DoorDash requires an ID scan to mark an order as delivered through the app.

He then claimed that the client told him, “Stop playing with me before I beat the shit out of you.”

Malik was offended, saying that he was going to do Mika a favor and scan his ID card to help him overcome this obstacle. “But just because of that, man…” he exclaimed. “I stepped on this Margarita.”

TikToker concluded his video by stating: “I’m a different type of Dasher,” before suggesting Micah slap him. “Please make me a day, because I have all the time today,” he said.

This is just the latest DoorDash-related video that went viral on TikTok after a customer caught her driver eating her food and confronted him on camera.


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