Doomsday under Finn Balor’s leadership, turning into the Edge, is Secretly Perfect


WWE managed to catch many viewers by surprise on the June 6 edition of Monday Night Raw, and the rejection of Finn Balor taking on Doomsday after ejecting Edge from the faction works on many levels. Over the past few weeks, the R-rated superstar has taken advantage of social media and live broadcasts to make it sound like Doomsday had sleeper agents all over the list. While this may still be the case, they will now be taking orders from Balor rather than Edge.

In a shocking departure by WWE standards, Balor joined Doomsday on RAW before Damian Priest punched Edge in the face. The band in a new guise gave Edge a hint that probably won’t allow him to appear on television for at least a few weeks. These actions give Priest and Rhea Ripley the edge the company seemed to be hoping for, as well as making Balor one of the most visible heels on Monday nights and presumably turning Edge’s face.

It’s impossible to say for sure, but these movements may well be a direct response to the injury Cody Rhodes received before “Hell in the Cell.” American Nightmare has been the best good guy in the company since returning to WrestleMania 38, and losing him for at least four or five months is a big blow to the WWE narrative as a whole. This also left Raw without a top baby face. AJ Styles has not felt like a participant in the main events for the best part of two years, while Randy Orton does not work on television due to injury, and Riddle is already doing double work on Friday Night SmackDown. Betrayal by Doomsday forces Edge to return as a person, possibly for a match against Balor in Money In The Bank. This is a loud program that can run up to SummerSlam.

This step brings a good balance to the list as a whole. WWE has apparently been favoring Balor to work in heels lately, and Ripley was ready to chase Bianca Belair as the Raw women’s champion. Damian Priest can go either way, while Balor seems ready to fight Edge in the main feud every Monday when Rollins and Rhodes are on the rocks.

All things considered, it was a well-calculated and implemented WWE twist. Creative, as you know, has done cool things in the past, and the events of June 6 create the feeling that they are again in an experimental phase with their talent. Essentially, Balor and Edge are flipping from “Doomsday” at a crucial moment as they figure out how to create immersive television with less airtime from Roman Raines and the wounded Cody Rhodes.