Doomsday is approaching, everyone should have 1 Bitcoin


Adam Curry, the famous US host and internet entrepreneur, was the guest of comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast and talked about the importance of Bitcoin. Curry stated that in the internet-based world, Bitcoin is very important for individuals who want to get rid of personal data sales, banking transactions and central control.

“Doomsday is approaching and I think everyone will need at least 1 bitcoin savings.” “Adam Curry, are you a Bitcoin advertiser?” Rogan said to Curry. asked.

Stating that he bought BTC in the early days, Curry replied:

“I was originally an anti-Bitcoinist. I got it for nothing. More precisely, people gave it to me. I also refused. Then I sold them for $ 900, ”he said. Curry also touched on the development of the industry and the impact of altcoins on it.

Rogan then asked Curry why Bitcoin is still the number one cryptocurrency and if another coin could surpass it.

“Ten years of data show us that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency we can trust,” said Curry, referring to the resilience of the largest cryptocurrency to manipulation.

Curry, who also harshly criticized the Federal Reserve, stated that the FED has taken the money of the US people from his pocket since its establishment and said:

“Money went from the Treasury to the FED”

“People need money. We are waiting for support packages. It is currently being discussed whether a new package should be released. I think they’re going to issue a digital dollar called Fednet. I do not remember his name exactly. When the FED was established in 1910, there was a great crisis in the USA and when they founded the FED, they had to officially control America’s money. Then they enacted the Federal Reserve law and our money went from the Treasury to the FED. It was the bankers who did this. They also found a beautiful and “cool” name that people think it “belongs to the state” but it is not. It’s totally private. As a result, they create and manage money, and the US borrows it from them. ”

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“If they take over the digital wallet…”

“At the moment, they want to give the money from the support packages in digital dollars. Everyone with a social security number has a digital dollar wallet identified in their heab… what will happen with it? The government will be able to close the accounts of people it does not like. You will not be able to get that money you need either. This is where we are going. “


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