Doomed 90-Day-Old Groom Couples Who Were Too Similar


The 90-day-old groom has had his share of incompatible couples, but some duets are actually too similar, not too different. In some cases, very similar behavior led to romantic disasters. While some couples manage to stay together despite quarrels and violent moods, fans still think that disaster awaits them. These couples make viewers watch because fans wonder if there is a reason why opposites tend to attract.

Throughout the franchise’s history, many couples have faced intense scrutiny over how they relate to each other. In many cases, the audience prefers one part of the couple to the other, believing that they are being mistreated by a manipulative partner. In other cases, it turns out that both “halves” of 90-day-old grooms are to blame for their problematic relationships and have the same character flaws.

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The couples discussed below have been called “doomed” because of their common flaws. It is often easy to dislike or reject aspects of yourself when they are reflected in another person. This can lead to a lot of friction in the relationship, especially when both partners get angry quickly or show the same immaturity.

Colt and Larisa

This passionate couple attracted attention in the 6th season of The 90-day Groom, when their cult disputes became one of the most memorable quotes and moments of the 90-day Groom. Although in many of the confrontations in their relationship, Larissa quarreled with Colt’s domineering mother Debbie, Colt and Larissa were both short-tempered, which led to several physical quarrels. The couple eventually divorced less than a year after tying the knot in June 2018. From the very beginning, viewers realized that the couple was doomed to be on the “pile of garbage” of the groom’s 90-day relationship.

Jasmine and Gino

A recent addition to the 90-day Groom pantheon, Gino and Jasmine first appeared in Season 5 of the 90-Day Groom: Before the 90-day Season. Fans initially sympathized with Gino, as Jasmine seemed incredibly bossy and jealous at the beginning of their season. She even forced Gino to Facetime her every time he left his apartment. However, in the middle of the season, everything took an unexpected turn. It turned out that Gino, trying to make his ex jealous, shared intimate photos of Jasmine without her consent. He lied to her about it to her face several times, even denying that the photos they shared were nude. While the couple stayed together and even got engaged, fans can see that the romance between the two manipulators is a disaster waiting in the wings.

Sumit and Jenny

Sumit and Jenny became an unlikely couple when they met via Facebook after Sumit caught his now wife, who is thirty years older than him. They appeared a few years later, in the first season of “The 90-day Groom: The Other Way.” The couple faced many problems, including disapproval from Sumit’s traditional Indian family and even Sumit Jenny’s lies about being married. Despite the big age difference, fans consider Sumita and Jenny to be two incredibly immature adults. Sumit can’t seem to stop lying to Jenny and his family, while Jenny seems to rely on either her daughter or Sumit to take care of her and support her. Although the couple finally got married in their final season of “The Other Way,” fans can see that this relationship is rapidly deteriorating unless they both start acting like adults.

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Jibri and Miona

Jibri and Miona are currently starring in season 9 of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days”. Fans noted the general immaturity of this young couple. Miona was incredibly demanding, telling Jibri that she would not continue to live with his parents, and stating that she would accompany him on a trip to Chicago to record with his band Black Serbs only if he agreed to an expensive wedding on the beach. Jibri is also considered childish, getting into a physical altercation with his best friend and bandmate David. This fight was the result of David wondering if Jibri’s loyalty to Mione was more important to him than his art and career. The couple cooked an unappetizing frozen meal when Jibri’s parents asked them to cook dinner. Fans can see this couple of 90-day-old grooms exploding if they can’t figure out how to grow and communicate.