DOOM world can now be played in Super Mario 64


Thanks to a mod developed for Super Mario 64, which was among the games that were still played despite its release in the last century, the game transferred the atmosphere of the DOOM world into itself. In the mod made by a developer named p3st, details such as the original map, clothes, and items in the DOOM game were successfully transferred.

Super Mario 64 combined with DOOM world in the same mode

The Nintendo-made game, which debuted in 1996 and became one of the legends after its success at that time, added the groundbreaking FPS game DOOM to its world with a new mode developed by id Software in 1993.

Unlike the original DOOM game, the mode played with the third person camera angle has support for 5 different names in addition to the developer p3st. While the mod dresses the Mario character in the game Doomguy costume, it conveys the atmosphere, creatures and horror elements in the game to its fans in a fun way.

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