DOOM Run on Smart Refrigerator This Time


The beloved game of the game world, DOOM Eternal, was run in a smart refrigerator owned by a person named Richard Mallard. Working with the xCloud application installed on the Android operating system, the game also meant that other games could be played from the refrigerator.

DOOM is so loved in the game world that players try to play the game on every screen they see. The game has indeed appeared on almost every screen, except for the computer and console screens. DOOM has been run on printers and even a pregnancy tester.

While we were wondering where to see DOOM, a video shared on Instagram gave a new answer to this question. An Instagram user named Richard Mallard managed to run Xbox Game Pass on his home Samsung smart refrigerator. Consequently, seeing DOOM being played on many screens, Richard’s goal was to run DOOM in the refrigerator.

DOOM played from the refrigerator:

Richard Mallard, who can play all the games on Xbox Game Pass in the refrigerator, shared the image he took while playing DOOM Eternal on the refrigerator screen. The video shot by Richard, who installed Microsoft’s cloud-based game service xCloud on the refrigerator, quickly became viral in the gaming world.

XCloud, which enables Xbox games to be run and played on the Android operating system, somehow showed itself in the refrigerator. As you can see in the video, Richard, who somehow managed to install the application on the refrigerator, enjoyed DOOM Eternal with his Xbox handle.

Although the images we see have appeared thanks to the Android operating system, this is evidence that games can now be played almost anywhere. In another video he shared, Richard Mallard showed that he killed other players in the fridge in an online game and occasionally opened the opposite cupboard to buy drinks.

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