Doom Eternal, mod: takes a lot of challenging mods


The modder community continues to expand the celebrated shooter from id Software and Bethesda with new content, this time with a horde mode just for the brave.

Doom Eternal, the celebrated FPS from id Software and Bethesda that hit stores earlier this year and will soon receive its first expansion with Ancient Gods, welcomes a new horde mode on its PC version thanks to the modder community , which does not stop working to offer new unofficial content for such a successful title. And thanks to Nexus Mods we already have a first trailer that promises action in abundance through continuous waves of enemies.

Horde mod now available for free

Thus, the user Modder Proteh has shared the first version of his own mod based on the typical horde modes of other action games and in which a series of rooms are proposed in which we receive continuous waves of enemies each more powerful and numerous, in an attempt to survive as long as possible, all through an increasing difficulty.

And is that in the absence of a horde mode as such in the base game, there are not few users who demanded a game mode of this type; so much so, that the mod proposed from Nexus Mods invites us to start the game with the Shogun and its two unlocked modifications. Although as we advance we will be able to unlock new weapons and their improvements, as well as modifiers for the armor, all to reach the last arena, the most challenging in the game according to its creators.

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