Doom Eternal is “close” to coming to Nintendo Switch


The producer of Doom Eternal reveals that the version for Nintendo Switch is “close” to arrive. Development has been slowed down by telecommuting.

Marty Stratton, Executive Producer of Doom Eternal, has shared new details on the current state of development on Nintendo Switch. As he explains, the port is “very close”, and they are trying not to compromise what it needs to be the delivery we know. “There is a lot of demand behind him,” he says.

The words were extracted during a PAX Online session, where he revealed part of the reasons why it is taking so long. “We are trying to make the best version of the game that can be made, so we are working with Panic Button. They are also working from home. It is taking a little more time to get to the point we want, but we want it to be all that it is possible to be ”, he concludes.

Again, Stratton places us in the “not-too-distant future,” though he can’t say exactly when. The last time we heard about the Nintendo Switch version was last July. Stratton came to the fore to say that the progress was “really good” and that the port would be “as good as Doom 2016”. The coronavirus crisis has caused deadlines to be delayed more than they should.

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