Doom Eternal hits 100,000 simultaneous players on Steam


Doom Eternal, a new game from the acclaimed FPS franchise Doom, arrived on March 20 and, in its early days, the launch has already proven to be a great success. This Monday (23), the game reached 100 thousand recurring players on Steam, digital store for PC. The brand is far superior to its predecessor, which had a record 44,000 simultaneous users.

In addition, the new title was also ahead of other popular games on the platform, such as PUBG, GTA 5 and Dota 2. It is worth remembering that Doom Eternal is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Google Stadia and PC (Steam and

The game developed by id Software has been highly praised among players and critics. On Steam, Valve’s gaming platform, for example, your rating was 9/10. However, people report some negative points, such as the drop in frames that occurs when the Steam overlay is activated – a problem that can be easily solved by disabling the function. It is worth mentioning that the full review of TechTudo’s Doom Eternal will be ready soon.

Notebook users may also struggle to run the title. According to the topic on the official Bethesda forum, Doom Eternal does not have official support for laptop hardware, but if the device meets hardware specifications, it runs smoothly. If the game has problems on a compatible machine, it is recommended to check that the dedicated GPU is selected and that the graphics drivers are up to date.

An enhanced reboot
2016 Doom sequel, Doom Eternal begins right after the events of its predecessor. In it, the planet Earth collapses after the invasion of demons. Humanity’s only hope is the marine Doom Slayer, who returns with hell to end the Hell Priests’ evil plans.

Doom Eternal stands out for having a much busier combat, with the possibility of hanging and jumping across different elements of the scene. Another interesting point is the modifications of weapons that allow you to have an advantage in combat when facing certain types of enemies.


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