Doom Eternal: female version planned by developers


Through a live broadcast on the Bethesda channel via Twitch, creative director Hugo Martin, from id Software, commented a little on the development process of Doom Eternal and mentioned that the studio had plans to introduce a female protagonist in the game.

According to the dev, the latest version of Doom Slayer was designed to be played by a female character, with its own mechanics capable of impacting gameplay and far from being just an alternative skin for the demon slayer. Martin commented that the subject has been dealt with a lot behind the scenes and does not hide that the participation of a woman “would definitely be cool”.

“I thought about it. I think if we did that, I would like it to be lethal. I find it interesting how it would affect the Glory Kills and the weapons it would have. The fighting style [would] certainly be aggression, absolutely, but a different type. of aggression, “said the creative director. “I would really try to make it impact the gameplay in a way that is meaningful. I definitely put a lot of thought into it, actually!”

Id Software seems to be very motivated to someday bring the female model of the iconic Doom Slayer, and does not in any way rule out the possibility of its arrival.

Would you like to see a woman playing the role of the eternal demon exterminator? Will there be any mention of her participation in part 2 of The Ancient Gods expansion? Leave your opinion in the comments.