DOOM Eternal director studies adding a female hunter


The protagonist of the saga has always been a hunter, but that could change in the future, although there is nothing concrete.

Hugo Martin is the director of DOOM Eternal, the latest installment of id Software’s frenetic shooter. During an official streaming broadcast, the head of the video game has suggested the possibility of introducing a hunter as the protagonist. However, the creative has stated that he would like to do it in a very determined way. He does not want it to be a simple skin change, but to directly affect the gameplay.

“I’ve thought about it,” he said when asked about the options for us to see a female jacket in the future. “I think if we do I would like it to be lethal. It’s interesting how she would impact the Glory Kills, ”also the type of weapons she will use. “His battle style of hers should be aggressive”, but different from the current protagonist. This addition would have to “impact the gameplay in a remarkable way. “I’ve thought about this a lot, really.”

The game still has its way ahead

DOOM Eternal is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. The studio is still working on the additional content, as the second part of its standalone expansion, The Ancient Gods, is still in development. The game has also been optimized for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5, thanks to a free update.

Id Software is part of Bethesda Softworks, which means it will become one of the Xbox Game Studios when Microsoft completes the acquisition of ZeniMax Media. The operation is waiting for the antitrust body of the European Commission, which has already given a positive initial assessment, to provide the final green light. It is unknown if future projects will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem or will also come out on systems such as Sony or Nintendo. Phil Spencer assured that the decision would be made product by product.