DOOM Eternal Coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1


After the Bethesda acquisition, Microsoft had already publicly pointed to the possibility of the video game being published on the service.

It has been only a few hours since the official Xbox Game Pass account has published a message that hinted that DOOM Eternal was coming to the service very soon. “The Slayer is coming”, you could read. Now, Xbox Wire has officially confirmed that the id Software video game will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on October 1. It will first do so on console and later, although also in 2020, it will debut on the PC service. All after Microsoft announced the purchase of ZeniMax Media, the company to which Bethesda belongs and all its studios, including id Software.

When Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, unveiled this important acquisition, it was already clear that Bethesda games would be released in the future on the service. However, no plan was drawn up in this regard, nor was it explained what would happen to the classic catalog of all these studies. With DOOM Eternal, one of the most recent productions is released, which will soon be expanded with a new expansion, The Ancient Gods. Those who waited for their incorporation to Xbox Game Pass from day 1 will discover that it will not be the case, since on October 20 it will be marketed in the Microsoft Store (and on the rest of the platforms, see PlayStation 4, PC and Google Stadia).

Microsoft wants them to continue to function normally

Id Software is just one of the many Bethesda studios that have joined Xbox Game Studios. Plans will be revealed as the months go by, but to this day Phil Spencer has explained that his goal is for ZeniMax Media to continue to operate relatively independently. Not surprisingly, Bethesda has already reported that they will continue to publish their own games as before.

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The decision that looms over Microsoft is not only to prioritize the launch of its games on Xbox platforms, but also to determine whether future Bethesda games are published exclusively or also come out on competitor consoles. Spencer has stressed that they will evaluate it on a case-by-case basis.


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