Doom At Your Service: Melancholy Is Back


Doom At Your Service: TvN attacks our hearts again! After the end of the series Navillera (or Like a Butterfly), the Korean network returns with fantasy dramas, and Doom At Your Service (Doom At Your Service) promises everything that fans of the genre were thirsty for. The drama, which premiered on May 10, also marks the definitive return of two beloved actors from the audience: Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk.

Shown weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays, Doom At Your Service tells the story of publisher Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), who is diagnosed with late-stage multiple cancer and has approximately 3 months to live. After a bad day, she wishes doom to the entire world. It turns out, moments later, the God of Disgrace (Seo In Guk) knocks on her door offering a deal: she can have the life she’s always dreamed of for the next 100 days before she dies, but in return she needs to use her will to bring disaster to the universe.

And taking advantage of the fact that the domestic nation does not tire of falling in love with mystical beings, it is now getting ready to fall in love with its own Misfortune. Seo In Guk delivers everything like the most bad boy god on Earth. With his impeccable posture, cold eyes and debauched speech, it’s almost impossible to resist him. A special highlight for the hair lightly dyed blue, which ends up appearing a different shade at each lighting.

Direction and similarities to Goblin

And speaking of lighting, this is a show in itself! Set during Korean autumn, photography is earthier and warmer in the presence of Park Bo Young’s character, while Seo In Guk’s solo moments are cooler and darker. The direction of Kwon Young-il is also to be congratulated, avoiding the still camera, he manages to capture the eventual discomfort of the characters through focus and movement. And the intercalation with flashbacks didn’t even need the letterbox – those black bands above and below the screen – because the change of photography makes everything very clear.

Although we know that fantasy dramas tend to have several common aspects, in this one we see a resemblance to the legendary Goblin. In addition to the color palette, there is an inspiration in the script’s most emotional moments, and also in the reflection between gift and punishment. Also taking place in autumn, there could be no lack of delicate themes such as suffering and early death, which are practically stamped stamps of the genre.


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