Doom and Doom II now on Android


The Doom and Doom II games already have the aspect ratio in 16: 9, as well as you can play at 90 FPS and 120 FPS

Bethesda released Doom And Doom II on Android in July 2019, but both games got off to a rocky start thanks to forced login, music changes, and a lack of features. Unlike most AAA developers on the Play Store, Bethesda really put a lot of effort to improve each game, and another big update has been released for both titles today.

You can now watch any of the games in 16: 9, and the high frame rates have made the cut too, meaning you can now play at 90 FPS and 120 FPS. Support for DeHackEd-based plugins is also in the mix, and some performance improvements are here to seal the deal.

16: 9 option in game

If you navigate to the video settings of any of the games, you will find that you can now change the standard 4: 3 aspect ratio to the newly added 16: 9 option, which provides a wider view, but may irritate purists from The game was designed to be played in 4: 3. Fortunately, the 4: 3 option is still available for those who prefer it. There are also two new options in the Set FPS Limit settings, allowing players to choose between 90 FPS and 120 FPS (30 FPS and 60 FPS options are there too).

With 16: 9 rendering and support for DeHackEd-based plugins, our new update for DOOM & DOOM II on all platforms is the biggest yet. We’ve also improved performance and now support 90Hz and 120Hz devices, which can be enabled in Video Options.

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As you can see, along with the new 16: 9 feature and high frame rate support, you can also take advantage of DeHackEd-based plugins. Of course, seeing as high frame rates had just been added, every game was tested on the Red magic 5S, and it can be confirmed that both titles perform as well as butter at 120Hz. So if you want to see all of today’s changes for yourself, you can get both games through their respective Play Store widgets.


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